Kenwakai Otemachi Hospital

Welcome to our Travel & Vaccination clinic!

We opened this clinic on April of 2015 to support overseas tourists and expatriates.
We provide comprehensive medical care for both Japanese and foreign clients.

What’s Travel & Vaccination clinic?

Our services include;

  1. Pre and post travel counseling and offering medical and safety information
  2. Vaccination
  3. Malaria prevention
  4. Mountain sickness prevention
  5. Diagnosis and treatment of post-travel diseases (e.g. animal bites, fever )
  6. Making medical certificates or vaccine certificates in English

How to make an appointment

An appointment is required for our clinic.
We would like to know your destination, purpose of travel, travel duration and immunization requests.
Early consultation is indispensable to complete your vaccination schedule.

Service hours

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
9:30~11:30 9:30~11:30 9:30~12:30 9:30~13:00 9:30~12:00

Medical fee(Including tax)

Consultation fee

Consultation fee Medical fee(Including tax)
First consultation 3,300 JPY
Re-consultation 880 JPY

Vaccination fee

Domestic vaccines Vaccination fee(Including tax)
Hepatitis A vaccine Aimmugen 7,700 JPY
Hepatitis B vaccine Bimmugen 3,850 JPY
Hepatitis B vaccine HEPTAVAX 3,850 JPY
Influenza vaccine Please contact us 093-592-5511
Japanese encephalitis 4,400 JPY
Rabies vaccine 13,200 JPY
Tetanus toxoid 1,650 JPY
Diphtheria & Tetanus (DT) 1,870 JPY
Diphtheria & Pertusis & Tetanus & Polio (DPT-IPV) 8,360 JPY
Polio vaccine 6,600 JPY
Pneumococcal vaccine PNEUMOVAX 6,600 JPY
Pneumococcal vaccine PREVNAR 9,900 JPY
Haemophilus influenza vaccine (Hib) 5,720 JPY
Meningococcal vaccine Menactra 23,650 JPY
Measles vaccine 6,820 JPY
Rubella vaccine 6,820 JPY
Measles & Rubella vaccine (MR) 7,810 JPY
Varicella vaccine 6,600 JPY
Mumps vaccine 5,500 JPY
BCG 4,400 JPY
Rota vaccine Rotateq 8,470 JPY
Rota vaccine Rotarx 13,200 JPY
HPV vaccine Cervarix 14,300 JPY
HPV vaccine Gardasil 14,300 JPY
DTaP Tribic 5,885 JPY
Imported vaccines Vaccination fee(Including tax)
Hepatitis A vaccine HAVRIX 1440 13,200 JPY
Diphtheria & Pertusis & Tetanus (Tdap) BOOSTRIX 8,800 JPY
Typhoid vaccine Typhim Vi 9,900 JPY
Hepatitis A vaccine or child HAVRIX720 11,000 JPY
Hepatitis A&B vaccine HAVRX720 11,000 JPY
Hepatitis B vaccine Engerix-B 8,800 JPY
Rabies vaccine Raiqur 13,200 JPY
Rabies vaccine Verorab 13,200 JPY
MMR Priorix 8,800 JPY
Meningococcus vaccine MENVEO 17,864 JPY

Cost of medication (for one tablet)

Malaria prophylactics
Mefloquine 1,320 JPY
Atovaquone-proguanil 770 JPY
Doxycycline 44 JPY
Mountain sickness prophylactics
Acetazolamide 55 JPY

Certificate fee

Certificate fee
Simple immunization certificate 2,200 JPY
Others than the above 6,600 JPY

Link information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Fit For Travel:

NHS website:

Location of our clinic

Adress: 15-1 Otemachi, Kokurakita, Kitakyusyu, Fukuoka, 8038543 JAPAN